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I LOVED Lite-Brite! It was so cool to make designs out of the lights!

full size Lite Brite -- too cool!


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Hasbro Lite Brite

Hasbro Lite Brite The classic toy Hasbro Lite Brite toy comes back to life with a new design but all the same fun as the original. Create stunning light displays, snap a pic of it and then start all o


Lite Brite Toy Commercial 1970 - Warning The Jingle Will Stick In Your Head!!Bahahaha! My sis Lisa got this for Christmas one year and didn't like it when everyone played with it and some of the pegs. Entertainment for hours!


Lite Brite Magic Screen

Create beautiful artwork with light! This classic toy is back and better than ever! Features a removable storage tray to hold all the different shaped pegs and 6 reusable templates. Requires 3 AA batt

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Vintage Lite Brite Toy 1980s MIlton Bradley Refill Sheets

1980s lite brite - and barely being allowed to play it because mom never wanted to be stuck picking up the ten million pieces it came with! Lol.


Playing Big

Water bottle Lite-Brite


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