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Show us your party - Hamish & Luca's yum cha birthday

Yum Cha Menu:egg tarts, lotus bean cakes, fortune cookies and jackfruit with lychee cocktails.


Fruit and Spice Park Florida contains more than 500 varieties of fruit, nut, and spice trees, including 80 plus banana varieties, 125 varieties of mango, more than 40 varieties of grapes, 70 bamboo varieties, plus guava, jackfruit, canistel, sapodilla, longan, lychee, mamey sapote, black sapote ("chocolate pudding fruit"), miracle fruit, jaboticaba, cecropia ("snake fingers"), coffee beans, and wax jambu, as well as other more exotic edibles.

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Bambu Desserts & Drinks

BAMBU Desserts & Drinks - Outer Richmond - San Francisco, CA, United States. #6 Che Trai Cay: Lychee, longan, red tapioca, jackfruit, palm seed, pandan jelly & coconut ($3.75). Add'l add-ins are free!