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5 exercices pour des cuisses plus minces | Plaisirs santé

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Burn fat fast with this indoor workout routine: Try the speed skater move!

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Robert Förstemann's quads... FRIG

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The Summer Slim-Down Workout

Summer Slim-Down Workout

Trim Your Inner Thighs With Easy Exercises

Trim Your Inner Thighs With Easy Exercises! Move 2: First-Position Plié Squat Begin with heels touching and toes slightly turned out. (A) Keeping heels together, rise up onto your toes. (Hold on to a wall if you feel wobbly, but maintain posture.) (B) Bend your knees into a half squat for two counts, then come back up in two counts, keeping heels together. workout plans, workouts #workout #fitness

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Slimmer, Shapely Quads in One Easy Move: Seated Sweeping Leg Lift

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Butt Lifts & Toning Exercises : The Body Melt

Three-Minute Thigh Workout

Are we stuck with the thighs we’re born with, or can they really get better with exercise? It turns out toning yours is less challenging than you’d think. With the right moves, you can firm your upper legs in just three minutes flat – perfect with summer hols around the corner.

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4 Simple Exercises For Your Sexiest Thighs Ever

Try the side plank lift for thigh toning.

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How to Easily Lift a Sagging Butt

How to Easily Lift a Sagging Butt | LIVESTRONG.COM

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