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Peter Badenhop dans le rôle de Henrik (BoE)

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artafrica: Featuring Tanzanian model Herieth Paul for Tush Magazine, this editorial is a blend of olden and modern Africa

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Face of Boe Singing

The face of boe. It's funny because I just picture jack Harkness singing it

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Can I just point out the Face of Boe can't (logically) be Jack? FoB's eyes are greenish. Jack's are blue. FoB doesn't flirt with the *cat lady nurse nuns*. Jack totally would, it's his *thing*. FoB dies. And stays dead. Jack doesn't stay dead. Ergo, Jack cannot be the Face of Boe.

The face of Boe. yes! biggest plot twist ive ever experienced

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...Doctor Who ? .. :)...

The "Jack is the Face of Boe" face = priceless... He's like: "...But I like the face of Boe."

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