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The Basque Lauburu, meaning "four heads". The symbol in its positive form (right-facing) can symbolise life, and in its negative form (left-facing) death. This is the reason why many Basque tombstones display left-facing lauburus. It is also used as an alternative to the Christian cross in the death notices of Basque nationalists.

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Love! Lauburu pendant

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Ezpeleta Lauburu

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Croix basque - Lauburu sculpté sur un meuble en noyer massif

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Euskal Herria! "The Basque Country", Spain

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The Baskian Swastika Lauburu, its symbolic meaning and history

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Croix Basque Lauburu

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Lauburu Tutorial

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Les symboles basques - La Croix Basque - Lauburu, stèle d'Ascain

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