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"Ad Maiora" from Latin means "towards greater things". Tattoo idea.

Latin tattoo. "Through hardships to the stars" or "to the stars through difficulties".

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60 Captivating Latin Sayings for Tattoos With Their Meanings

60 Latin Sayings for Tattoos with their Meanings

latin: sine metu or "without fear," pronounced: seen-A met-oo

My finger tattoo- tibi fide, Latin for trust yourself. actually thats latin for "you the faith" trust yourself in latin is "confidis teipsum" which would make an equally cool tattoo.

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Latin Wall Quotes

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sic itur ad astra -- thus you shall go to the stars

I want this as a tattoo. So beautiful <3 It means, "she flies by her own wings."

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30 Latin Quote Tattoo Ideas

cogito ergo sum- I think therefore I am 30 Latin Quote Tattoo Ideas |