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Langue Berbère

Africa | Portrait of a Jewish Berber girl from Debdou, Morocco. ca. 1915. | Scanned postcard image, photographer unknown.


Africa | People. Berber children from the Ait Hadiddu tribe. Berbers, the only white-skinned indigenous African race are the original inhabitants of the 'Meghreb' - the Arab name for North Africa, which includes Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and the Western part of Libya, all bordered to the south by the Sahara.


A berber woman attending the marriage of Princess Lalla Myriem in Morocco | © Philippe Saharoff - Maroc Désert Expérience tours http://www.marocdesertexperience


The majority (98% ) of modern Tunisians are Arabized Berber or Arab-Berber, and are speakers of Tunisian Arabic. However, there is also a small (1 percent at mos) of pure native Berbers located mainly in the Jabal Dahar mountains in the South East and on the island of Jerba. The Berbers primarily speak Berber languages, often called Shilha or Tashlihit, or have shifted to Tunisian Arabic. Nearly all Tunisians (98 percent of the population) are Muslim. Total population: 10 millions

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21 paysages côtiers à couper le souffle


The Shilha people or Shluh are a Berber ethnic group in Morocco.The self-name is Išlḥiyn, in French literature they usually are referred to as les Chleuhs. They live mainly in Morocco's Atlas Mountains and Souss Valley. The speak the Tashelhiyt language, which has around 4 million speakers (2004 census). The indigenous peoples of the central Moroccan coast, noted by the early Phoenician explorers, would have been the Chleuh. The first millennium voyages of Hanno described the Phoenicians'…


Les Français dits "de souche" ne sont pas les seuls à être mécontents de la volonté de Najat Vallaud-Belkacem d'enseigner l'arabe aux enfants dès le CP : les minorités qui vivent en France et sont de langue berbère (avec ses variantes) ne veulent pas...