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La construction du Canal de Panama

Les vannes évacuatrices de crue du barrage Gatún

1000 jours pour la planète | Le lac Gatún, là où les employés attendent leur 'bateau-taxi' qui les ramènera aux écluses |

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Junior science website: French

1911 Antique Map PANAMA CANAL, Authentic, Century Atlas, Beautifully Illustrated, Waterway, Gatun Lake, Bridge of the Americas, Miraflores

1911 Antique Map PANAMA CANAL Authentic by BlastsFromThePast

We are already at Gatun lake level. The word Gatun is a derivation from "gaton" wich in Spanish means larga cat. Gaton was the name given to the bandits who stole cattle from the crown to resell on ilegal markets.

Lights from other waiting ships in the distance on Lake Gatun.

Hōkūleʻa makes its way across Lake Gatun at dusk.

The moon rises in front of Hōkūleʻa on our night out on Lake Gatun.

Making our way through Lake Gatun at dusk.

We spend our first night out on Lake Gatun.