L Lawliet, text, computer, typing, cute, chibi; Death Note

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Artist: Pixiv Id 945215 | Death Note | L Lawliet

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Death Note - L. L IS DEAD AND MY LIFE IS EFFING OVER!!!!!!!!!!! *sobs into pillow*

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L Lawliet and Watari <3 This is adorable!

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L - Death Note

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L & Clem

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Death Note - L

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L Lawliet from Death Note. Sorry the bell tolled for thee. I enjoy L's idiosyncrasies - especially his terrible posture and gentle inappropriateness. Given his intelligence similar to that of the sociopathic character Light, I wonder what would have happened if L found the Death Note (a unique murder tool) instead of Light.

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I hate seeing L cry : '( it makes me cry

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L Lawliet. Whoever though dark eyebags, thin, poor posture, and superb intelligence combined in one character could be charismatic

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