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Blockchain Property Rights Taiwan's string of start-up bitmark blocks increased by $ 1.7 million in the new cycle of seed funding. Cherubic Ventures a VC focuses on companies at an early stage led the round. Bitmark which develops technology to record user content generated using block chain technology increased funding by a group of investors that digital currency and WI Harper Group. Properties registered on its platform related to digital assets called "bitmarks" that can be sold and…


Bitcoin Can Reach $10000 or Even $1 mln The largest miners Bitcoin in China suggested that the price of Bitcoin could reach $ 10000 or even higher than $ 1 million. Speaking at at Clare Hall Cambridge University on the sidelines of the Internet value of: Digitization of Social Awareness - Roundtable Chandler Guo stressed that to do is invest all an individual needs a " A Bitcoin - as most people do not invest and yet they want to know more about the evidence of the work how the…

Blockchain Cybersecurity A former British Foreign Office official joined the board of the block starter chain SETL. Martin Clements was Chief Technology Officer of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Clements is the second high-profile British officer aboard the SETL note in the past year. In December last year the start-up appointed the former director of the Bank of England Sir David Walker as president. The announcement follows the news that SETL is one of a group of start-up…

The Future of Algorithms it just seems that I finished an article about how we have a new application for the iPad to tell users if their CV can pass the reading algorithm resumes for the director of the company's human resources - an article Interestingly published in the New York Times along the same line of thought. You see as a writer I have always understood that soon I will be replaced by artificial intelligent writing software and I would say that writing is already on the wall and it…

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FERS - Un logo pour donner des ailes à nos enfants



illuminer son visage grâce à l'application de fond de teint!


robobee - “Supérieures aux vraies abeilles, ces petites merveilles de la robotique ont été disséminées dans le monde entier. Elles fonctionnent à l’énergie solaire et se rechargent en un rien de temps” - JLdeGy believes that it sounds very much like a hoax coming out of Star Wars... For instance look up the Harvard project, which has really been implemented.

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48 idées comment se maquiller pour les fêtes de fin d'année

Wow this would look great with my dress very simple!