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Grandes Chroniques de France. Auteur : Maître du couronnement de Charles VI. Enlumineur Auteur : Maître du Livre du Sacre de Charles V. Enlumineur Auteur : Maître de la Bible de Jean de Sy. Enlumineur Auteur : Perrin Remiet. Enlumineur Date d'édition : 1375-1380

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The Seven Year Cycles on the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life, also called Jacob's Ladder. This is a Kabbalistic image but interestingly, the spheres in the tree overlay the flower of life 'sacred' geometric form and therefore represents a Primal Pattern of Nature

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Le calendrier chinois

Calendrier des signes chinois (Nouvel An Chinois, Fête,19 Février 2015-8 Février 2016)

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the greek in the book says "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

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Sacred Texts: Women and Religion

descriptive anatomy text, 1887, the brain

In the Muslim Empire there were Houses of Wisdom that scholars could go to to exchange ideas with other scholars and learn.They would translate Greek and Roman classics into Arabic, which helped to preserved these stories which could have been lost. In the House of Wisdom, there was a huge library which was open to public use. There were Islamic sacred texts along with books on law, history, and other topics. This library set an example for larger libraries later to come. ~MA KUKOSKi

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