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Saupoudrer un peu de soleil !: morsures de fromage de bacon de pommes de terre fête!

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Community Post: 10 Unconventional Ways To Wear Leopard Print

Les lunettes de vue #cat #eye, ou comment saupoudrer de glamour son quotidien (Miu Miu)

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Lol no but they dont get it, the left pic is from the photographers view,.the right pic is the photographer on the puddle taking the pic. Its trying to say look at how raw the pic actually looks on the right, but on the left from that angle it is a gorgeous shot and background. All bcuz they got a photgrapher willing to lay over puddles to capture that perfect shot.

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32 Times SpongeBob Perfectly Summed Up Your Life

On the rush: More

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47 Funny Pictures You're Going To Love

Mèmes Drôle,Qoutes Drôles,Citations Hilarantes,Drôle De Vie,Images Drôles De Chien,47 Funny,16 Hilarious,Pictures You'Re,Ruffington'S Dog

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Frozen birthday party, Elsa's ice crystals, frozen party food

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Jeux De La Faim Mockingjay,Jeux De La Faim Trilogie,La Faim Games🏹,Katniss,Peeta,La Faim Heureux,Hunger Games,Jeux,Expérience

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The 21 best teachers of all time

The 21 best teachers of all time

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I litterally think that they should give out One Direction tickets to the Directioners that haven't been to a concert, like does anyone else agree???

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