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Aidan Turner behind the Scenes of The Hobbit

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Kili by ~candehale on deviantART The Hobbit

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Aidan Turner. Yes, Pinterest, I know I already posted this. Must. See. Again.

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I don't know if Tolkien meant his dwarves to be quite so adorable, but I'm not going to complain on account of accuracy or anything.

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You're the Fili of my Kili<<you are both dead then aren't you

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Il y a en chez les audacieux, je connais quelqu'un qui apprécierait de manger du gâteau avec toi, Kili.... XD

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Aidan Turner interview about The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

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A little dwarf-loving piece of me deep inside my fangirl mind just died a little with that! :D

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