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Les crimes de Snowtown

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Anytime I take an exam or read a textbook.

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Kindergarten Kel: Day One of Weather Unit Fun!!

Heft by Liz Moore. I imbibed in audiobook version & highly recommend it. Two distinct characters find their lives intersecting in ways no one could have imagined. Very well developed characters & settings - I could see Arthur's home in a neighborhood memory; Kel almost like someone I would've dated in high school.. almost. Book removes the rose colored glasses we tend to use when measuring up other's (esp. the "haves"). Speaking of rose' - food friendly with an image problem to overcome.

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Target Field

Oregon Duck Football

Kenan and Kel Aww, here it goes! If you were a white kid living in a white neighborhood in the 90s, then Kenan and Kel were probably your first two black friends. Whether it was getting involved in crazy schemes or working at Good Burger, Kenan and Kel were always good for a laugh. Personally, I very much preferred Kenan and Kel to the other Nickelodeon stars of the day. They weren't know-it-alls like Clarissa, or too reserved like Doug, or all secretive like Alex Mack... they kept it…

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