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Jules Brunet

Le "vrai" dernier samouraï était français...


Clan-Takeda • Jules Brunet - Le véritable dernier samouraï


short and curly hair


Le Dernier Samouraï - La Véritable Histoire

alex - "I don't... I don't know why anyone is scared of me. Of the Sandman, I mean. I'm the one who's scared. I'm scared of everyone, all around me... their thoughts fill my mind every day."


Photo: Léopold Brunet sol

Place Jules Brunet in #Riberac formerly known as Place du Triangle

Saigō Takamori & Jules Brunet

эномото такэаки

Takeaki_Enomoto. After the defeat of the Tokugawa Shogunate in the Boshin War (1869), a part of the former Shogun's navy led by Admiral Enomoto Takeaki fled to the northern island of Ezo (now known as Hokkaidō), together with several thousand soldiers and a handful of French military advisors and their leader, Jules Brunet. Enomoto made a last effort to petition the Imperial Court to be allowed to develop Hokkaidō and maintain the traditions of the samurai, but his request was denied.