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5 Petites Astuces Pour Dire au Revoir au Stress

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Migraine: it’s not just a pain disorder | As I read this, I found myself wanting to say "amen!" and "preach it sista!"


La vie en Green: Humble Diva & Fashionista. Eclectic by nature. Communicator by vocation. Makeup Artist by addiction. Eco-activist by conviction. Philanthropist by necessity. Fibromyalgia Fighter not by Choice.

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Do You Freeze Because of FMS or ME/CFS?

Do You Freeze Because of Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Cold Survival With Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue

A Closer Look at Natural Killer Cells In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Three Natural Ways to Boost Them


11 Things People Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because Of Your Anxiety

For me, having MS is exhausting. I am constantly fighting to stay awake as I never sleep more than 3 hours at a time, to walk in a straight line while my world is spinning due to dizziness, to stay ccol because heat exacerbates my symptoms, ignore the pain, numbness and spasticity in my muscles, don't choke on my own saliva, beverages or small bites of food and attempt to keep my wits about me when my cognition is non-existant. Yes, it's manageable, livable, treatable but NOT curable.


Migraine & Empathy: Why It's Hard for People to "Get" It and How to Help |

Aromatherapy 101 is the basis of our aromatherapy program. It starts at the beginning and gives you everything you need to know to safely and effectively use essential oils every day.