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Jeux Olympiques Kiel

Wir wünschen allen Athleten in Sotchi viel Erfolg! Schön war´s aber auch hier in Kiel 1972….

Robert Scheidt, Bruno Prada, regata, vela, olimpíadas, Brasil


XI.Olympic Games sailing, Kiel (1936) Artist : Ottomar Anton (1895-1976)

Hitler aboard the ’Nixe’ on the terrain of the Olympic sailing regatta on the Kiel Fjord, writing autographs for the crew of the vessel - 11.08.1936


Vintage Framed Poster 1972 Olympic Games Kiel Sailing 1972 Peter Cornelius | eBay

1916 - The Games were cancelled due to WWI 1920 - Antwerp Games The Olympic flag was introduced, as was the Olympic oath. Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Turkey are not invited, having been on the wrong side of the war. image source:


HENRI CARTIER BRESSON Jeux Olympiques, Voile, Kiel Vintage gelatine silver print