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Jeux Olympiques 1944

Berlin, 1936: Adolf Hitler with German athletes during the Olympic torch relay


The 1932 winning Indian team plays a friendly against the Berlin Silberschild Eleven, in Berlin

Logo of the 1948 Olympic Games - London, England. London was originally set to host the 1944 Olympic Games but it was cancelled due do World War II.


Aufmarsch verschiedener NS-Organisationen im Berliner Olympiastadion um 1940

Happy Birthday to Tommie Smith (born June 6, 1944)...former track & field athlete and wide receiver in the American Football League. At the 1968 Summer Olympics, Smith won the 200-meter dash finals in 19.83 seconds – the first time the 20 second barrier was broken. His Black Power salute with John Carlos atop the medal podium caused controversy at the time as it was seen as politicizing the Olympic Games. It remains a symbolic moment in the history of the American Civil Rights Movement.

Some SS soldiers chilling during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin via reddit


This is a timeline of the history of the modern OlympicsThe idea for the revival of the Olympic Games began in 1892when Baron Pierre de Coubertin of France founded the International Olympic Committee and began planning the first modern Olympic Games.The questions require students to not only use the timeline to locate information, but some of the questions require math computation as well.I have other timelines available.

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Review: ‘Fallout 4’ is a fantastic, familiar trip through the apocalypse

olympics - Google Search, If the Olympics Come back to the U.S.A. I want to see them. I don't know if I would prefer the summer games or the winter games.

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39 Olympic Logos From 1924 to 2012

1948 - London – Summer Olympics


This shows Phineas' unrealistic perspective later in the story of WWII. He wished to participate in the Winter Olympics of 1944, which were cancelled because of World War II, in which Phineas didn't want to believe was happening.