Possible Brain Shrinkage Expands Health Concerns About Marijuana Abuse

Africa | "Cow boy". Fulani boy with a big job. Ghana | ©Bindubaba, via flickr

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Bull jumping ceremony is a rite of passage ceremony for men coming of age must be done before a boy is permitted to marry. The boy must jump the cows four times to be successful. This test is performed while naked except for a few cords bound across the chest as a symbol of the childhood he is about to leave behind him. On completion of this test, the young man joins the others boys who have recently passed the same test and who spend the next few months of their lives supervising these…

Cow boys/girls

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Holy cow!

daaaaang niall! *le dies from his perfection*

veryyyy attractive:)

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That smile and this dimples. I can take it from there!!;) and my black dress would most def hit the floor for him!!!

Michael Landon in 'Bonanza' .... Sigh ....

David Jude Heyworth Law (born 29 December 1972), known professionally as Jude Law, is an English actor, film producer and director.

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