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Narcissus Riot

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Très inspirée par la vie rurale des cottages anglais, je vous fais découvrir les photos de mon jardin en toutes saisons, quelques photos de mon sweet home, ainsi que des sujets divers selon mes inspirations (photos de voyages, de livres ...)

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Achillée et salvia, juin 2013

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Textured foundation planting

This foundation planting can handle the tough, hot conditions created by lots of concrete. And on top of adding lots of color, the plants in this plan provide tons of interesting texture, from the disease-resistant shrub roses to the attention-grabbing grasses. Don’t want to take care of containers? Trellises and vines with large flowers or leaves will add height contrast, instead.

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La nature rose (26)

15 DIY How to Make Your Backyard Awesome Ideas 13

Massif,Jardin,Vivace,Aménagement Paysager,Fleurs Bleues Et Violettes,Plantes Pourpres,Gris Violet,Fleurs Pourpres,Argent Violet

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Fern curls. Thoreau: "This is Spring. It precedes the green and flowery spring, as mythology precedes regular poetry... it convinces me that Earth is still in her swaddling clothes, and stretches forth baby fingers on every side. Fresh curls spring from the baldest row. There is nothing inorganic." from Walden

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Les salvias ou sauges officinales font partie des plantes les plus polyvalentes…

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