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You can't get any cuter than this! <---Well, for a second I thought that Colin had three arms and one was coming out of his neck, and that Bradleys head was kinda floating around


This series is based on the book called “Hotel”, by Arthur Hailey. Description from I searched for this on


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WESTWORLD (1973) - At a futuristic amusement park, businessmen (Richard Benjamin & James Brolin) compete against gunfighter (Yul Brynner) & other robots gone awry - Directed by Michael Crichton - MGM - Publicity Still.

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PHOTOS - Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin born Feb 12, 1968 has the sun in Aquarius, moon in Leo and Taurus rising, all fixed sigs. He is divorced from Diane Lane, also Aquarian, who retracted her accusation that he hit her On Dec 19, 2004 at 3 a.m. The transits to their respective charts tells the story.

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PHOTOS - James Brolin et Barbra Streisand au gala annuel des Elle Women in Hollywood Tribute, à Los Angeles, le 17 octobre 2011

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Barbra STREISAND, de son vrai nom Barbara Joan STREISAND, née le 24 avril 1942 à Brooklyn, New York est une chanteuse, actrice, réalisatrice et productrice américaine. Elle est la femme de l'acteur américain James BROLIN.