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Hard Copy – Quand la mode rencontre les imprimantes 3D (image)

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Des bouées ludiques et colorées pour la piscine


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Moholy-Nagy exhibit poster

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Tadao Ando à Naoshima

Tadao Ando à Naoshima, La galerie rectangulaire du Chichu Art Museum © Fujitsuka Mitsumasa

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In Sha Allah ★ By Allah Azza Wa Jalla will.

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Josef Albers - Rhythm - 1958 | Bauhaus

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Un terrain de basket design et plein de couleurs en plein Paris !

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Housse de couette bleu jalla

In 1926 Piet Mondrian drafted architectural plans for a hypothetical room, suitable for future homes, as he saw them. In 1969, 25 years later, the Pace Gallery in New York acquired the plans and had the room fabricated in Formica plates, with colors matched from Mondrian’s original paint tubes

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