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Isolant Mince Mur

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Thermographie d'un mur avec isolant mince réfléchissant Thermography of a thin reflective insulation through a wall with a heater


Panneau roulé semi-rigide en laine de verre teintée noire dans la masse, revêtu d'un voile de verre confort. S'intègre au système Optima Sonic (isolation acoustique mince des murs et des plafonds).


Une mince bibliothèque pour isoler l'espace nuit

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20 Holiday Trees Gone Wild

Viewing 21 of 22 20 Holiday Trees Gone Wild - The Perfect Spot. Sometimes it's not what you do to the tree, but where you place it that has the most impact. Check your home for locations that best show off your new creations. Move a slim tree into the entryway or place a few trees ranging in size throughout your home. And don't be afraid to keep an open mind.

Morning Sun, 1952 by Edward Hopper Edward Hopper was one of the early American artists to paint the experience of human isolation in the modern city. 'The woman in Morning Sun, who sits on her bed, hair twisted into a messy bun, gazing through her window at the city beyond. A pretty morning, light washing the walls, but nonetheless something desolate about her eyes and jaw, her slim wrists crossed over her legs. I often sat just like that, adrift in rumpled sheets, trying not to feel…


Genie Clip rubber cleats to isolate drywall from studs

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Dip black and white large canister

modern scholar. A study in the discipline of design, mixed media bench waxes schoolhouse nostalgic. Seat and back span slim and simple, crafted of acacia wood stained a light matte brown to expose the character of the wood's natural knots, cracks and splits. Straightforward silhouette angles slightly back on steel frame that extends up the back with exposed hardware and a raw patina that deepens over time.