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Iso Alcohol

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Quick Cleaning Tips

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The Keys for Minimizing Noise in Your Photographs


Our Product Gallery SOLVENTS Acetone All other Speciality Solvents Hexane I.P.A ( Isopropyl Alcohol ) Toluene Xylene prevnext WATER TREATMENT CHEMICALS ACUMER-4035 Alum-Ferric/Non Ferric Biocides - B.K.C/CMIT-Isothiozolines Co-polymer EM-Effective Micro Organism Hydrazine Hydrate Morpholine Polyamines PolyDADMAC Polyelectrolyte-Flocculants Polymer Anionic / Cationic SDIC-60 (Sodium Di Chloro Iso Cyanurate) SHMP (Sodium Hexa Meta Phosphate)

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Twin-Lens Holga Sees Double

Holga’s TIM looks like an alcoholic Englishman after a particularly nasty Friday-night brawl, eyes half closed and all but a single tooth knocked from his stupid grinning mouth. And like that violent drunk, TIM will also stumble through life seeing double. TIM stands for Twin Image Maker, and to this end the camera’s “eyes” are a pair of identical lenses. Shoot with both open and you can make 3-D photos. Shoot with either one closed and you get half-frame images, allowing you to put the…