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Medical Tuition Scholarship Information #Academy_of_Future_Medical_Physicians_and_Medical_Leaders #National_Academy_of_Future_Medical_Physicians_and_Medical_Leaders

Graeme Milbourne Clark AC (born 16 August 1935 in Camden, New South Wales) is an Australian doctor. He was a key figure in the research and development of the Bionic Ear – a multiple-channel cochlear implant. #graemeclark #australian #doctor #bionicear #medical #inventor #technology #influential #australia #people

Father of Microbiology - Anton van Leeuwenhoek

Who are Scientologists? Meet Marc, a medical inventor who developed the world's first auto-disable syringe, to combat needles as a major transmission route for HIV/AIDS. "Using the tools in Scientology,” Marc says, “has allowed me to reach out and get in touch with people that you would normally think wouldn't be possible. And the results of that is that we've saved over five million fatal transmissions occurring." PLAY VIDEO!

Female Medical Inventor Creates Tiny Technologies To Tackle Big Health Issues; Awarded $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize

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A. Epstein and Dr. Yvonne Barr The discovery of the Epstein Barr virus - named after British doctor Anthony Epstein - resulted from his specialist knowledge of viruses which caused tumours in chickens plus his skills gained using one of the first commercially-available electron microscopes.The Epstein Barr virus belongs to the family of herpes viruses - and is linked to a number of different conditions, depending on where you live.

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November 24, 2014. On this date, we mark the birth of Bessie Blount in 1914, an African American nurse, medical inventor and forensic scientist. She died on December 30, 2009 in Newfield, New Jersey.

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