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Margarine Brevet de la margarine. 1869 Le chimiste français Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès remporte le concours lancé par Napoléon III pour trouver un produit de substitution au beurre et dépose le brevet de son invention. A partir d'huiles et de graisses végétales, il a mis au point l'oléomargarine qu'il a baptisée simplement "margarine" du nom grec "margaritari" signifiant "perle". Ce beurre est au départ destinée à la marine française.


Heron, greek inventor, created the vending machine almost 2,000 years ago. His invention dispensed holy water to worshipers entering the temple. A coin was dropped into a slop and it weight pushed down a metal pan down to open a valve and dispense water.

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Honestly We Should All Have a Human Laptop-Holder Like This Ancient Greek Statue

Gravestone with a Woman and Her Attendant; Unknown; (Delos?), East Greece; about 100 B.C.; Marble; 94.6 x 120.7 x 21.6 cm (37 1/4 x 47 1/2 x 8 1/2 in.); 72.AA.159

It’s a popular story, partly because of the imagery it conjures up. Greek inventor Archimedes was asked by the king to determine whether a recent gift was made of gold. After taking a bath and observing the water spill over the sides, the answer came to him (the theory of displacement) and he ran naked …

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The Greek engineer who invented the steam engine 2,000 years ago



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A Brief History of Firefighting


In a “Eureka!” moment, Dutch company Archimedes, named for the renowned ancient mathematician, has designed a nautilus shaped silent wind turbine. The Liam F-1 promises to become the “next generation” of wind generation. Archimedes (c.287 B.C. – c.212 B.C.), the Greek inventor from Syracuse, designed a screw inside a cylindrical chamber to act as a […]

Greek inventors like Archimedes created our civilization