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Tumbutu (Timbuctu), Mali, Africa Sadly this place has taken a heavy beating from terrorist attacks. Many of these sacred spaces are badly damaged.


Quelle belle histoire Camerun, Africa... In the 1730s, a seven-year-old English girl washed up on the shores of West Africa and was adopted by her rescuers. She became the wife of a Prince and started a dynasty that extends into many of today's Xhosa royal families. Due to her recessive gene, now and then a child is born in the area with bright blue eyes.

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Le lion d'Afrique

Fiche exposés : Le lion d'Afrique Plus


Africa | Toucouleur mother and child sitting in a doorway. Senegal | ©Michel Renaudeau

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Réforme du code de la nationalité : Le jus sanguinis de Monsieur Nicolas Sarkozy : Euro Algérie News : Algérie et Europe – Maghreb et Moyen Orient

Sarkozy l’amnésique à l’origine du chaos Libyen | AFRIQUE NEWS INFO - A N I