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Infection Urinaire Traitement Maison

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Le Remède Naturel Contre les Infections Urinaires.

Vous cherchez un remède naturel pour soulager les infections urinaires ? Le citron est LE remède idéal. Découvrez l'astuce ici :


La canneberge, aussi appelée "cranberry", contre la cystite

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Comment soigner et prévenir les infections urinaires de façon naturelle ?

Cystite ou Brûlure mictionnelle isolée chez la femme – Symptômes et traitement


Masques naturels anti-points noirs


Prickly pears have 2 spines; large, smooth, fixed spines & small hair-like prickles. It is native to the Americas but have been introduced to other parts of the globe. It is used in candy, jelly, or drinks. Its pulp & juice are treatments for wounds & inflammation of the digestive and urinary tracts. It is used for type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, alcohol hangover, colitis, diarrhoea & to fight viral infections. For more info visit

The dog health guide provides information on prescription and over the counter dog medicine.

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Febrile seizures are basically seizures that occur from high temperature. These are very common in young children up to the age of 5. In general, blood testing, brain scans, or EEG are not recommended. Children who have one episode of a febrile seizure have up to 70% chance of another febrile seizure within 2 years. Visit our blog for more information:

Do you tend to get urinary tract infections easily? This all-natural remedy for UTIs can effectively treat bladder infections at HOME and save you the pain and hassle of doctor appointments, testing, and antibiotics! (It’s not cranberry juice!)


Urinary obstructions in pets are ALWAYS an emergency. If your pet is showing signs of a urinary obstruction, prompt medical care is important, as the condition can be fatal.