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L'âge idéal pour le bonheur serait 58 ans

C'est quand le bonheur ? se demande-t-on tous. Pour les plus jeunes, mauvais nouvelle, il semblerait que ça ne soit pas pour demain puisqu'un sondage a permis d'établir l'âge idéal...

Masques naturels anti-points noirs


A recent study revealed that cranberry extract may be as effective as antimicrobials in preventing bacterial urinary tract infections without the side effects.

Infections of the urinary tract develop when gastrointestinal bacteria, mostly Escherichia coli, retain themselves on the walls of the urinary canal and start to develop.The result of that is prickling and pain during urination, often urination and sometimes an unpleasant smell of the urine. Urinary infections mostly appear with women than with men. Unfortunately, if a urinary infection appears in women, the chances for reappearing become bigger and bigger. In some women, these infections…


WHAT? The CDC announced this week that a man who received the smallpox vaccine passed on a related virus as an STD.

Blink Of An Eye News: When Lexi came to my office she already had the abortion…but we found a heartbeat!

Varicocele- dilation of pampiniform venous complex of the spermatic cord the varicocele forms a soft, elastic swelling that can cause pain. More painful when standing affect left spermatic cord more often than right