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Infection Urinaire Femme Cause

Femme qui a mal à cause d'une infection urinaire.Cystite : 3 remèdes naturels contre l’infection urinaire

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Dossier > La cystite interstitielle : causes et traitement

Traitement d'une cystite interstitielle

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Infection urinaire : quelles sont les causes et... les solutions !

INFECTION URINAIRE : QUELLES SONT LES CAUSES ET... LES SOLUTIONS ! Les femmes sont cinquante fois plus touchées que les hommes par les infections urinaires. Voici quelques pistes pour en comprendre les causes et trouver des solutions pour les éviter.

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8 Most Common Causes Of UTIs

These are the 8 most common causes of UTIs—and how to prevent them.


Female anatomy itself predisposes women to UTIs. Learn about other risk factors and causes as well as about the most efficient ways of preventing them.


Unda 23 - is indicated for incontinence of urine, kidney stones, and inflammation of the urinary tract. Unda 23 is an excellent remedy for the kidneys and the urinary tract.

Dr Oz: Baking Soda UTI Remedy

In men with diabetes, the relative risk for ED increases with poor glycemic control, duration of diabetes, and the number of other complications of diabetes (i.e., retinopathy, nephropathy, and limb loss). Urinary infections are more common in people with poorly controlled diabetes and can cause discomfort for women during intercourse and for men during urination and ejaculation.


The Kidney stores the Essence and consolidates Qi that governs over our lives from birth to death; it is specifically related to our ability to pro-create, physical growth through childhood, and transition in to old age. Source:

Prescription Painkillers Kill More People Than Heroin and Cocaine Overdose Combined