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Hello, I'm Sarah. I'm 17 and a 4. My parents are managers at a construction site. Exciting, I know. I don't do much because I don't have to. I go to school, but I don't focus only on that. That's pretty much it. I'm excited to be here and meet everyone!

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Immagine del profilo di Peter Carmix: In questa immagine sono racchiusi molti pensieri e idee. ( Leonardo da Vinci ha immaginato e disegnato un aereo e forse Albert Einstein pensava a Leonardo quando ci dice che l'immaginazione è più importante della conoscenza). Un aforisma di Walt Disney dice: ( pensa credi sogna e osa). Lo spettacolo di Alice nel paese delle meraviglie è una testimonianza di questo. continua...

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Open w/ Olivia)) Olivia was sitting in the local library, reading a book on Greek mythology. She was bored and often read to pass the time. She had been in hiding for the past month. Why? It seemed like every day, another agent or hero was trying recruit or use her. She kept reading until she felt

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India Eisley Actrice,Actrice Inde,Fille Caractère D'Inspiration,Histoire D'Inspiration,Troix Magazine,Magazine India,India Esley,Eisley Google'Da,Eisley Ashley

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India Eisley | Tyler Shields

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India Eisley

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Open w/ Olivia)) I look out the window of my dorm room. I sigh and close the blinds, making the room completely dark. I sit on my bed and make the shadows dance upon the walls. It's not until I feel someone grab my shoulders I stop.

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india eisley ~ olivia's daughter

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India Eisley. Girl is so dang pretty and looks like the Ana Steele in my head.-- She could play her! Never thought about it... hmmm. She plays on sweet life of the American teenager!

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