Carpe Diem

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Ian Somerhalder, un vampire éternellement jeune et craquant

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Oui ben quoi...dans le dossier "pour maman" hop!! Je vais regarder star wars avec les garçons en fait!

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Certes il semble jeune ... Mais quand même!

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❝je t'aime❞

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Devin Paisley - more than just a hot bod. There's something in those eyes that makes him sooooo hot!

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Francisco Lachowski *.* <3 <3 …

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Hi there everyone my names Alex Trip. I'm 19 years old and I'm a 5. Im an aspiring artist, I've actually had a few popular prices lately. But besides that I'm a pretty outgoing and all around friendly guy. I can be a little sarcastic and witty at times, but I think it adds to my charm. I'm very protective over people I love, I get that because I basically raised my little sister, her names Ray and she's 7, our mom was an alcoholic so I took care of her. I'm pretty athletic, I usually go for…

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