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Horaire Prefecture

Hiroshima and Miyajima are very popular and obviously these are "Big Name"s in Japan. Some of you want to visit these place but you may be hesitating to visit there because of tight schedule. If yo...


MARCH 1'ST! {7 day's before my birthday~} DIAURA is releasing a new single. The single will be called「メナス/境界線」which translates into English as Menace / border {Y en español como Amenaza / frontera} Here is the LIVE schedule for this year~ DIAURA 47都道府県単独公演TOUR'2014   「Into the Core~Awakening Menace~」 ※下記公演に関しましてバンド予約は御座いません。 ※3月1日(土)~5月6日(祝・火)公演の一般発売日は  02月01日(土)になります。 ※05月17日(土)~06月28日(土)公演の一般発売日は  03月21日(祝・金)になります。 3月01日(土)高田馬場AREA 3月02日(日)浦和ナルシス 3月14日(金)高崎clubFLEEZ 3月15日(土)水戸ライトハウス…

An entire abandoned city on it's own island; thanks Japan and Mitsubishi. The island (Coined Ghost Island) is open to tours now, another place I can schedule a visit.

Japanese rail companies have gone so far as to make real Thomas the Tank Engine trains that run on limited schedules. Kids can see Thomas barreling down the tracks on Shizuoka Prefecture’s Oigawa line. Engineers took meticulous care to make sure the train was the real deal—they even took the time to make sure the train’s steam was Thomas’ trademark white--