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Histoire En Arabe

from Ancient History et cetera

The Nabataeans of Ancient Arabia

Known the world over for their hauntingly beautiful cities of Petra and Mada’in Saleh and engineering acumen, the Nabataeans of ancient Arabia were the middlemen in the long distance trade between the ancient Mediterranean and the Indian subcontinent. Mysterious and beguiling, their legacy endures across time and space in the Arabic language and in the sophistication of their cities, carved out of the harsh desert landscape.


Map of Abydos, Egypt Abydos, or Abjdu, lies in the eight nome of Upper Egypt, about 300 miles south of Cairo, on the western side of the Nile and about 9.5 miles from the river. It spreads over 5 square miles and contains archaeological remains from all periods of ancient Egyptian history. It was significant in historical times as the main cult center of Osiris, the lord of the netherworld. At the mouth of the canyon at Abydos, which the Egyptians believed to be the entrance to the…


Ancient Egypt, 'Amun-Ra', Greek 'Amen', Islam 'Ameen', the origional of clasped hands in Prayer, we are all humans of the same civilizations, we are all one.


The Greek alphabet marked a huge leap in the development of alphabets, especially since it was the first to include vowels as individual letters. It has existed from 800 BC through to the present day, and over its long history has been used to write Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, Gaulish, and Albanian, among other languages. Written Greek had previously been attempted in Mycenaean Greece... created right before the rise of Ancient Greece


Beyond Timbuktu: An Intellectual History of Muslim West A...


Haj Shahbaz Khan Mosque, Established (1819 AD ), Kermanshah, Iran (Persian: مسجد حاج شهباز خان - کرمانشاه - تاسیس ۱۸۱۹ میلادی ) Photo by: Amir Rizevandi