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Perfect Christmas treats! :) Only 3 ingredients! Bite-sized waffle shaped pretzels, hershey kisses/hugs, and M&M's! Heat the oven to 170F, then bake 4-5 mins, until chocolate melts!

looks cute and easy. I found this on No directions but it looks like all you need to do is to place mini pretzel on tray and put a hershey kiss on top. Bake or nuke till kiss is soft. Remove from heat and insert stick pretzels for ears and press m's for eyes and nose.

Pretzel, Hershey Kiss, M&M bites

Pretzel, Hershey Kiss, and M Bites. Can also be made with Rolos instead of kisses!

Sweet & Salty Christmas Treat (round pretzel & Hershey kiss in oven @225 for 3-4 min; pull out of the oven and add an M).. Try using peppermint kisses for a special treat

Pretzel Candies Recipe Desserts with pretzels, Hershey's Kisses, M&M's Candy


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Googly Eye Pretzel Kisses Recipe: These mini treats require just three ingredients — pretzels, Hershey's Kisses, and candy eyes. Once complete, you can pop them right in your mouth and go!


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Pretzel kisses , Pretzel, Hershey kisses and m & m candies


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Cute mad looks tasty!


Pretzels, Hershey Kisses and M's-- YUM!