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Dryads - in Greek mythology, are spirits of the forest nymphs of the trees.

Spartan General Pausanias. Pausanias was a Spartan general of the 5th century BCE, responsible for the Greek victory over Mardonius and the Persians at the Battle of Plataea in 479 BCE, and was the leader of the Hellenic League created to resist Persian aggression during the Greco-Persian Wars.

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Tactique militaire utilisée par Alexandre le Grand — Wikipédia

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Gibson tanker report – A Year of Surprises | Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

Ancient Greek Silver Hemidrachm Achean League Elis Olympia Coin

Corinth - Ancient Greek Coins -

Греческие воины

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Seleucus I Nicator (305-281 BCE) A leading officer of Alexander the Great's League of Corinth, took possession of Syria and became the founder of the Seleucid Empire (312-63 BCE)

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MELHORES / to be continued by lsf, via Behance

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