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Hazard Traduction

Guide des médicaments / Judith Hopfer Deglin, April Hazard Vallerand ; adaptation française, Éric Beaudoin ... [et al.] avec la collaboration de Caroline Groleau ; sous la direction de Hugo Laplante ; [traduction, Véra Pollak ... et al.].

HACCP = Acronyme : H azard A nalysis - C ritical C ontrol P oint Traduction francaise : Analyse du Danger, Points Critiques pour le Contrôle Points Essentiels.

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Fan-Created Movie Subtitle Site Operator Facing Prison Running a site offering or even linking to pirated movies and TV shows can be a hazardous occupation. It attracts the attention of copyright holders the police and in some cases even governments. For those running them these perils represent an occupational hazard. But what if a site creates its own content and distributes that online should that be a crime? That question is about to be answered in a unique case featuring fan-populated…

Seton Clan Tartan the Crest "On a ducal coronet, a dragon Vert, spouting fire Proper, with wings elevated and charged with a star Argent". Clan Motto is "HAZARD YET FORWARD", translated as "Whatever the risk, go ahead". MacRory Mor

à partir de La boite verte

Prévention contre les accidents du travail en URSS

La prévention contre les accidents du travail en URSS - La boite verte


Occupational hazard of parenting... #momhumor #humor #wtf #Really? #nosleep #moveover @Jenny from the blog


Traffic cones- knit pattern, translate to crochet?

Occupational hazard of parenting... #momhumor #humor #wtf #Really? #nosleep #moveover @Jenny from the blog


Venice Biennale Christian Boltanski‘s installation Chance at the French pavilion. This exhibition playfully explores the luck and fate of newborns, whose beginnings are subject entirely to chance. While the title translated in french has a positive connotation of luck and good fortune, the english interpretation conversely suggests hazard or risk, rendering the exhibition appropriately ambiguous.