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Hard Times Dickens

Noël à l’Époque victorienne

Noël à l'Époque victorienne (17)


One thing that is very overlooked about the characters Ruthie and Winfield is that they are faced with very difficult circumstances. They have had little time to grow up, their experiences are limited, and they are not developed as people yet because of this. However, their push into a grown-up life has and will continue to detract from the people they could have been. On the other hand, it will make them into different people moreso in other ways. Only time would tell if these ways are…

Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.

Bric à Nouille

Robe en soie rayée - Victoria et Elizabeth


7 février 1812 - Naissance de Charles Dickens, écrivain anglais. | Charles Dickens (1812 - 1870), est considéré comme le plus grand romancier de l'époque victorienne. Charles Dickens a été un infatigable défenseur du droit des enfants, de l'éducation pour tous, de la condition féminine. Un chant de Noël (1843) a connu le plus vaste retentissement international.


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color affection shawl - i have the kit from the plucky knitter, now i just need the time.


Charles Dickens died at his home Gad's Hill Place, Kent., on this day 9th June, 1870. Author Dickens rocketed to fame with his 1836 serial publication of The Pickwick Papers. His other notable works are Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol,, David Copperfield, Bleak House, Hard Times, A tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations


by Cory Godbey There's hardly a more beloved story for this time of year than that of Dickens' A Christmas Carol. The ghostly, rede...