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Halo 4 - Master Chief (John-117) by Lopez-The-Heavy on deviantART

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Halo 5: Guardians est un jeu vidéo de tir à la première personne édité par Microsoft Studios et développé par 343 Industries sur Xbox One. Il s'agit du neuvième opus de la série Halo et est prévu pour le 27 octobre 2015. John (Master Chief)

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Halo 5, Master Chief... Verdict: I've already beaten the campaign, I have to say I thought it was amazing, the graphics and new additions were great. Buck, Nathan Fillian, aka Castle, was the best addition character wise. I thought more of the campaign should've been played through Master Chief though, that's the biggest let down. The ending surprised me, not what I wanted, but since it's a continuation to the next Halo I am curious where they take it... As for multiplayer, disappointing...

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HALO Reach - Emile by Tyler Kirkham, colours by Arif Prianto

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halo helmet 1 whoever is behind this masterpiece is my hero!

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I have this beauty hanging on my wall right now. :)

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Genesis by HarryOsborn-Art

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Les digital paintings Fantasy de Brad Rigney aka Cryptcrawler

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All the Halo vehicles I hate to drive (except the Ghost).

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