What is molting? Molting hermit crabs at The Crabstreet Journal

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This is exactly what I'd want Kaydens tank to look like. Live bamboo and all. Love this.

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A homemade hermit crab habitat! Two water bowls (one fresh and one saltwater), a couple hiding places, some natural stuff for them to climb around on, a food bowl (they eat fruit!), and some shells for them to try on and play with.

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Great idea: attaching a car sun shield behind a tank can help to keep in the heat!

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Clean a Hermit Crab Tank - wikiHow

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How to Build Land Hermit Crab Pools by ~GodzillaHermitCrab on deviantART

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What Exotic Animal Should Be Your Pet? | PlayBuzz

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hermit crab tank 10 gallon - Google Search

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Popsicle Stick Hermit Crab Hut - easy to make and easy to decorate! PetDIYs.com

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DIY hermit crab ladder made from pieces of driftwood! PetDIYs.com

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