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My DIY candy cake topped with a bottled beer that I made for my boyfriend for his 21st! I absolutely enjoyed making this! I used foam for the centers & hot glued the chocolate onto them. Formed a circle hole on the top & placed the bottle on top.

....Use pringles chip cans to form the tree to hold the bottles of beer.


BEER CAKE!!! Yea Baby!!! FINALLY...2 words I can stand seeing put together! So much better than the ubiquitous "diaper cake". I wish no one had ever put those 2 words together('cause I always just get an unappetizing, totally wr0ng, image in my head, every time I see it. LOL!) ;-D

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

December 10: Today is also National Lager Day! Try it in rich chocolate cupcake form!


Tulip Muffin Papers - Brown, Set of 24 Make you own idea from Everyday Cheapskate Mary Hunt. Cut parchment squares-6" for reg muffins or 3" for mini-muffins. Form cups around a small can or small bottle and line your pan with your homemade muffin cup liners!!! CHEAP!


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Coors Light Six-Pack Cake #436