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Guerre De Troie

The Trojan Horse (1961) $19.99; aka's: La Guerra Di Troia/La Guerre De Troie/The Trojan War/The Wooden Horse Of Troy; Muscles, mythology and history mix in this exciting epic starring Steve Reeves as Aeneas, a Greek warrior who battles leader Paris, tries to find his kidnapped, pregnant wife Creusa and joins fellow fighters in the famous Trojan Horse. With John Drew Barrymore, Juliette Mayniel and Mimmo Palmara. Taken from a widescreen import print.

Death of Patroclus. 19th.century. Merry Joseph Blondel. French. 1781-1853. oil on canvas


De la guerre de Troie à la fondation de Rome. Tout commence par la légendaire guerre de Troie. - ppt télécharger

La guerre de Troie aura t-elle lieu ? - L'ILLIADE ET L'ODYSSEE - RECIT DE LA GUERRE DE TROIE ET DES FABULEUSES AVENTURES D'ULYSSE / UN GRAND ALBUM D'OR. - HOMERE (PAR J. WERNER WATSON) - Livres - My dad had this book and I loved it!