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Burger de Grenouille Très Cuit qui va de Pair avec l’Exhibition de Créatures Venimeuses | AkihabaraNews

Qu'il pleuve, qu'il mouille ou qu'il fasse soleil, on la rencontre presque partout ! Hop ! Hop ! Craintive mais sautillante, la grenouille est fascinante. Il en existe de microscopiques, D'autres sont sourdes comme un pot, Et quelques unes sont venimeuses ... Mais qui connaît vraiment les secrets de son mode de vie ?


Mark Laita - Ceylonese Palm Viper, 2010 | From a unique collection of Fine Art at

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What Adaptations Do Anacondas Have to Survive



The top of the Copperhead's head is unmarked. It has a pit on each side of its face, which is used to help it detect bodyheat from prey. Young Copperheads have a yellow-tipped tail. They use this as a lure to attract small animals, such as frogs. Copperheads are usually found in wooded areas among rocks, or at the edges of streams or ponds. They are good swimmers. This snake can be seen during the day during Spring or Fall, but in Summer they are mostly nocturnal.