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Classic. GREEN. WORKS. Lathers. Non-drying. Everyone needs. Here's how I use the different kinds: Almond: Fave. Go to body wash Lavender: Relaxing body wash, lingerie wash Tea Tree: I buy a small bottle and use it as a face wash. Also, tea tree is good for preventing and reversing gum disease, so I brush my teeth with it at night Eucalyptus: Aromatherapeutic body wash, muscle soak Peppermint: Body wash on a hot day or after workout, housecleaning, dish soaking, fruit and veggie wash…

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20 Popular Pinterest Tips That Are Bold-Faced Lies

Astuce: coupez un morceau de gomme magique et le laisser flotter dans les toilettes. L'anneau de la cuvette va magiquement disparaître! | 20 Popular Pinterest Tips That Are Bold-Faced Lies


Here is a Gospel magic trick that teaches the truth that when we trust in God, He will protect us! What you need:1 dozen eggs, 2 pie tins, 2 large clear glasses or containers, large enough to hold 7 eggs, 2 toilet paper rolls, A pitcher of water, Red food coloring, Red cross with food coloring inserted, Trash Can

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Why Dehydration is Making You Fat And Sick – Infographic

Why dehydration makes you fat and sick. Please also visit www.JustFor for colorful-inspirational-prophetic-art and stories. Thank you so much! Blessings!


Mr. Clean Magic Erasers... a 2-pack generally costs about $2. Tout ce qu'il faut, c'est une goutte d'eau pour humidifier la gomme. Pas d'autres produits chimiques de nettoyage nécessaires (... et pas d'huile de coude).

How to remove tub stains naturally with non-toxic homemade cleaners