George boleyn

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After George Boleyn's ennoblement, he signed himself "George Rochford"

My lute be still, for I have done : Finding George Boleyn with Clare Cherry

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George Boleyn, Viscount Rochford (1504?-1536) Excerpt: 'GEORGE BOLEYN, Viscount Rochford (d. 1536), was the son of Sir Thomas Boleyn, earl of Wiltshire, and brother of Anne Boleyn. On May day in 1536 he was one of the challengers in that tournament at Greenwich from which the king abruptly departed; next day he was arrested and taken to the Tower, the queen, his sister, being arrested that day also and consigned to the same fortress.' READ full article...

George Boleyn's Signature

"George Boleyn’s signature. It was written inside the book ‘Les Lamentations de Matheolus’ and ‘Le Livre de Leesce’ by Jean Lefevre. George Boleyn wrote inside: ‘Thys boke ys myne, George Boleyn 1526’.

15th May 1536, The Trial of George Boleyn - While Anne Boleyn was taken back to her lodgings in the Tower of London, her brother, George Boleyn, Lord Rochford, was taken to the King’s Hall to stand before the same jury as Anne.

One of the very few paintings/portraits of George Boleyn who later became Lord Rochford after his sister Anne became Queen.

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Sir Francis Weston. Debts owing by Sir Francis Weston at the time of his death, "as more plainly appeareth by a bill of the particulars written with his own hand."

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The George Boleyn Interviews Part 2: Was George Homosexual? - YouTube. (Watch later)

"George Boleyn, the Admiral of France and an Angry Anne Boleyn" by Claire Ridgway of @TheAnneBoleynFiles : IMAGE: Phillipe de Chabot, Admiral of France.

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