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Genome Database

The Atlas of #Genetics and Cytogenetics in #Oncology and #Haematology is a peer reviewed on-line journal and database in free access on internet devoted to #genes, #cytogenetics, and clinical entities involved in cancer, i.e. #leukemias, solid tumours and #cancer -prone diseases. The aim is to cover the entire field under study: as the task is huge, the Atlas is -and will be- incomplete by that very fact.

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Microsoft hopes AI will find better cancer treatments


Researchers broaden the catalog of biological chimeras for the study of the genome- "we know they play an important role in cancer,"

MIsoMine – a genome-scale high-resolution data portal of expression, function and networks at the splice isoform level in the mouse - Products of multiexon genes, especially in higher organisms, are a mixture of isoforms with different or even opposing functions, and therefore need to be treated separately. However, most studies and available resources such as Gene Ontology provide only gene-level function annotations, and therefore lose the differential information at the isoform level…


Sweden’s national DNA database could be released to private firms -