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Ganghwado Island Guide

If you are looking for a weekend getaway from Seoul, look no further! Ganghwado is a perfect little secluded gem that is both rural and also has plenty to see and do. You will need more than just an afternoon to fully explore this place, so go prepared to find a hotel and stay for

Ganghwado Island Guide

Ganghwado Island // GUIDE

Ganghwado Island

A dolmen on Ganghwa, Republic of Korea. ~ "Dolmens are known by a variety of names in other languages including dolmain (Irish), cromlech (Welsh), anta (Portuguese and Galician), Hünengrab/Hünenbett (German), Adamra (Abkhazian), Ispun (Circassian), Hunebed (Dutch), dysse (Danish and Norwegian), dös (Swedish), and goindol (Korean)."

How radish Kimchi (깍두기; ggak-du-gi) is made. #koreanfood #kimchi #radishkimchi #korea

Ganghwado Island

Seaside village in Ganghwado

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Petition update · You can help to stop the shocking cruelty of the So. Korean Dog Meat Industry! ·

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Exploring Korea: Azalea in Goryeosan mountain, Ganghwado, South Korea (Gyeonggi-do