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Crème apaisante Aveeno contre l’érythème fessier pour bébés - 105 g |

Culotte little gPants Good Tidings -

à partir de Joyful Abode

gWhiz! – gDiapers 101 – The Anatomy of a gDiaper

Now that I’ve told you why I decided to cloth diaper and also why I chose gDiapers specifically, I figured I’d give you more than just a glance into the gDiapering world. This post is going to be a quick one, just showing you what makes a “g” a “g.” The front of the gDiaper... read the rest...


Bientôt sur Lilinappy : nouvelle série de couches lavables Gdiapers au motif rayé définitivement marin et tendance !


Made with Love g Diapers La nouvelle couche lavable bébé de gDiapers. C'est une série limitée classe avec sa couleur blanche et sa sérigraphie noire. Chez Lilinappy, on est super fan.


G Diapers 101!! For mom’s who want to use cloth diapers. For the environment, saving money or both. Perfect for me!