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France Jeux Olympiques 1972

à partir de the Guardian

Olympic posters from the first modern games in 1896 to 2008 – in pictures

Munich Olympics poster, 1972. Add Around The Rings on & for the latest info on the Olympics.


Olympic Facts - Mark Spitz & Michael Phelps By Guevara Onofre Did you know that... Mark Spitz competed at the 1968 Summer Olympics where he was one of the favorites to win 5 gold medals.Unfortunately he won only two gold medals.Under the direction of James Counsilman Mark trained very hard for the Olympics in West Germany. Like Rachel Carson (environmentalist) Leon Uris (writer) Billie Holiday ( singer) Goldie Hwan (actress) Toni Braxton (singer) Frank Zappa…

Taiwan Stamps : 1972 TW S82 Scott 1755-7 Sports Stamps, MNH, F-VF by Great Wall Bookstore, Las Vegas. $3.40. The Federation International de Ske (F.I.S.) was founded in 1924, the year the first Winter Olympic Games took place in France. The Republic of China joined the F.I.S. in 1967 and was formally invited to participate in the 11th Winter Olympic Games held in Sapporo, Japan. To mark the occasion, a set of Winter Games stamps was released on the inauguration date, February 3, ...