Future children - fire emblem awakening female and male morgan, Cynthia, owain, Inigo, Lucina, Yarne, Several, Noire, Laurent, Kjelle, Brady, Gerome, Nah
Fire Emblem: Awakening; In the field #Chrom #Liz #My Unit
Fire Emblem: Awakening - Lucina
Fire Emblem: Awakening - I remember the four page ad this game had in GameInformer, this picture on one of the pages. I tore out all four pages, thinking, "This game looks awesome. I should keep these." Two months later, it becomes my favorite game, and I'm glad I kept them. Best. Advertisement. Ever.
Yarne et Palne
Fire Emblem: Awakening - Chrom | I love this so much.
Fire Emblem: Awakening - Sumia - I'm not very far in the game yet, but she annoys the heck outta me
Fire Emblem: Awakening - Emmeryn and Chrom (No. NO. I HAVE HAD MY HEART BROKEN ENOUGH BY THIS GAME ALREADY [All that aside, this is beautiful]).
keep calm i'm tactician - Recherche Google
This is amazing! Artist unknown.
fire emblem awakening: Lon'qu